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CfTracker: Demo & News


There is now a demo version of CfTracker available for you to poke around.  It’s just to give you an idea of the application and displays only fake data.  None of the actions or forms currently do anything against the test data, but that might change in future versions.

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CfTracker 2.0 released

CfTracker 2.0


CfTracker consists of an application and a set of components.

  • Application
    • Standalone or as a CFIDE Administrator extension.
    • Gives you an overview of what’s happening on your Coldfusion server.
    • Information includes applications (settings, scopes, metadata), sessions (scopes, metadata), query cache (sql, parameters, results), threads, memory and other statistics.
    • Applications can be stopped, restarted, refreshed.
    • Sessions can be stopped or refreshed.
    • Query cache items can be purged or refreshed.
  • Components (services/cftracker)
    • Can be used independently of the application.
    • Provide all the information used by the application.

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