Stranded 2 Guide update

Stranded 2

Stranded 2

I notice I still get a shed load of visitors coming from sites that linked to my old Stranded 2 guide.  I didn’t think anyone was really still interested in the guide so I didn’t bother bring it over to this new site.

If you still want the guide I’ll start looking at putting it back up on this site somewhere.  A few comments on this post my help me put the effort in to doing it too 😉


I’ve dug the guide up and posted it here.  Please note that I haven’t finished tidying things up so the formatting might be a little off and the images have yet to be converted and uploaded.

Stranded 2 Guide

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18 thoughts on “Stranded 2 Guide update

  1. ~1~

    Do it, ive been searching for a survival game, and I’ve found this one, all i need is a little nudge in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

  2. Ryan

    Please, if you would. A guide would be most satisfactory *flutters his walrus-mustache and settles back in his char, hands folded over his paunch*

  3. misterdai Post author

    Okay, I’ll dig it back out of the backup from my old site. Didn’t think that many people would still be using it but looking at the amount of traffic I get about Stranded 2, I’m wrong.
    As soon as I put it back up, I’ll update this post and try to get the old link to the guide working.

  4. ty

    it’s popular because “Play this thing” featured it. A guide would be awesome! I need more flint 😦

  5. misterdai Post author

    Okay! The guide is up, see the link in the updated post above.
    I’ve still got to add the images and I’ll see if I can add some more information at a later date. Enjoy and feel free to leave make any suggestions.

  6. galahad

    I have found your guide to be usefull, but thier is still a piece of information I cant find anywhere. How do I catch a blasted parrot!!!!!! I have a net, but every time I even see a parrot it flies off before I can get anywhere near it. So I am stuck on the first island.

  7. Sylar

    Just catch the parrot when it lands or stops flying using your net. You’ll catch it eventually.

    Has anyone reached the point where you need to put 25 children of Neptune under the rock? Where do we get these 25? Thanks.

    1. misterdai Post author

      thanks for answering Galahad’s question Sylar.

      I think the 25 Children of Neptune are any type of sea creature. Neptune is the Roman god of the sea, I think they must have changed this from the old version I had been playing because I’m sure it was named something else which was more obvious. Nevermind, try that out and let us know if it’s right 🙂

  8. Sylar

    Got it. It’s 25 fishes. It won’t credit you for each fish you put (which was what I was expecting when I tried it before askin’ here). You have to wait till you place 25 on the rock. Thanks.

  9. Sylar

    You need to talk on of the natives. Ask for some translation lessons from the old man. Be careful of the towers at the village. The native will ask some items from you before you can enter the viillage. Later, you will be given tasks by the village chief to make some fish nets, grow plants, provide bread, etc.

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